DarkClan are a Clan of wild cats who live in the forest.

Prey: Frogs, lizards, snakes and whatever prey wonders on to there territory.

Strengths: Great night hunters, enjoy moving quietly through their territory. They are great at doing night attacks.

Weaknesses: Ambitious and proud, so evil cats are often born in DarkClan. But the Clan can be misjudged.

Clan Character: Battle-hugry, ambitious, agressive and greedy for territory. They are mis-trusting and suspicious of the other Clans. Stories told to kits in the other Clans are mainly un-true, and DarkClan aren't as bad as them seem.

Warriors Series Clan: ShadowClan.


Frostflower had four healthly kits Foxkit,Whitekit,Pantherkit and Spottedkit.

Flowernose has moved into the nusery.

Moonpaw is now an apprentice.

Spottedkit has broken some bones.



Nightstar: A black tom with with light blue eyes,Roleplayed By Frosty

Apprentice, Quailpaw


Petalcloud: White she-cat with light ginger spots roleplayed by Shadeflower

Medicine Cat:

Sunblaze: Small yet handsome golden-tabby tom with brown paws, a white dash on his chest and alluring golden eyes, Roleplayed By Fawny


Watertail A gray tabby tom with blue eyes, Roleplayed by Ash

Darkflower A black she-cat with a blue flower make on her back and blue eyes,Roleplayed by Talltail

Leopardshine A spotted golden she-cat with green eyes.

Blackfoot A dark gray she-cat with black paws and green eyes,Roleplayed by Echo

Raveneyes a rusty red tom with black eyes,Roleplayed by Zorth


Quailpaw: a dark gray tom with a fluffy fox-like tail with gray speckles.

Moonpaw a silver she-cat whose pelt shines blue in moonlight, her eyes are dark blue,Roleplayed by


Frostflower:a white she-cat with purple eyes,Roleplayed by

Mate: Unkown

Status: Nursing

Kits: Foxkit, Whitekit, Spottedkit, and Pantherkit

Flowernose A small white and tortie she-cat with large green eyes,Roleplayed byAsh


Status expecting


Foxkit a dark ginger tom with dark orange eyes that look red in sun light,Roleplayed byFrosty

Whitekit a fluffy white tom with big green eyes,Roleplayed byFrosty

Pantherkit a black she-cat with purple eyes,Roleplayed byEchoheart

Spottedkit a tortishell and white she-cat with gray eyes,Roleplayed byEchoheart

Owlkit a brown and black and white striped she-cat with green eyes, roleplayed by SunblazeTheCat Elders:

none yet leave a message on my talk page if you want to make a cat

Dead DarkClan Warriors: StarClanEdit

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Dead DarkClan Warriors: Dark ForestEdit

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Places in CampEdit

DarkClan Camp

DarkClan Leader's Den

DarkClan Medicine Cat's Den

DarkClan Warrior's Den

DarkClan Apprentice's Den

Dark Clan Nursery

DarkClan Elder's Den

DarkClan Freash-kill pile

Places in the TerritoryEdit

DarkClan Territory

Water cave

Training grounds

Nightstar's cave

Rainbow stream

Blackheart's stream

Southside of territory

Northside of Territory