GrassClan are a Clan of wild cats who live on moorlands.

Prey: Mainly rabbits.

Strenghts: Fast runners, the thinest Clan cats, lithe.

Weaknesses: Can't hunt, live, or fight in dense undergrowth.

Clan Character: Feircly loyal, tough, fast-running, easily offended cats.

Warrios Series Clan: WindClan

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28/07/2010: GrassClan opens! The leader, deputy and medicine cats will be decided soon!

29/07/2010: Dewstar is leader with Lionsmoke as deputy.

29/07/2010: Copperclaw is a warrior.

02/08/2010: Leopardheart is medicine cat and Blazeleaf is a queen.

09/08/2010: Please do not edit this page.


Leader: Dewstar- Silver tabby she-cat with white paws, underbelly, and muzzle. Silver eyes with a tint of gold. Played by: Echo

Deputy: Lionsmoke- Golden-brown tabby tom with brown paws, tail tip, belly, muzzle, and ear tips. Green-blue eyes. Played by: Fawny

Medicine Cat: Leopardheart- Spotted yellow she-cat with green eyes. Played by: Frosty

Warriors: Copperclaw- white-silver tom with slightly darker paws, and a slpot on his face. Red-orange eyes. Played by: Spirit

Mistysky- Light gray she-cat with white patches and blue eyes. Played by: Echo

Shadowstream- Black she-cat with a wave mark on her shoulder and water-blue eyes. Played by: Frosty

Firetail- Ginger tabby tom with white patches and amber eyes. Played by: Echo

Blackstream- Smoky black tabby tom with green eyes. Played by: Frosty

Firepelt- Orange tom with light brown eyes and a white stripe down his back. Played by: Zorth


Queens: Bladeleaf- Gray-black she-cat with a long bushy tail and green-hazel eyes. Played by: Ash



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