PoppyDawn's Death

Poppydawn was a nice, intelligent and good medicine cat. She had mentored Ghostpaw, later to be known as Ghostpool in Mistclan. PoppyDawn was killed by a badger while out collecting herbs for the medicine cat, Ghostpool.

Poppystar's Dawn

When PoppyDawn died, She was reborn in NightClan as Poppykit. She was a black cat with a dark grey underbelly, she also had splotches of a lighter grey over her body. When she became Poppypaw, she was utterly excited! She trained hard in the ways of the warrior code, always obeying her mentor, Duskpelt. Then Owlstar made her Poppyheart. Poppyheart fought hard, Owlstar's deputy died, so she made Poppyheart her deputy. PoppyHeart was saddened when Owlstar died from a badger attack.


PoppyStar was a good, intelligent, nice cat. She was a large, sleek muscular black cat with a dark grey underbelly and had splotches of a lighter grey spread all over her body, she was not afraid to bring her cats into a fight.