ThornClan are a Clan of wild cats who live in the forest.

Prey: Mice, voles, squirrels, sometimes rabbit, and birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons, and thrushes.

Strenghts: Good at fighting and hunting in the undergrowth. Can creep silently through the forest using the hunter's crouch. Climb trees well.

Weaknesses: Find it hard to hunt, fight and live in open places with little or no undergrowth.

Clan Character: Peacful, repsectful of the other Clans. In battle, feirce and courageous and loyal. ThornClan cats speak out for what is right and are not afraid to challenge the warrior code.


A lot of cats are rarely roleplayed if even remembered. Visit TCCleanup to Reclaim your cats. CATS NOT CLAIMED WILL BE DELETED OR PUT UP FOR ADOPTION AFTER 10 DAYS

Warriors Series Clan: ThunderClan

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Poppystar-Dark brown she cat with hazel eyes- Roleplayed by Ashy

Apprentice, Spottedpaw


Quailpelt-handsome brown-gray tom. Roleplayed by: Frosty

Apprentice, Sandpaw

Medicine cat

Dapplepelt: is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a lovley dappled coat and blue eyes. Roleplayed by Frosty

Apprentice, Graypaw


Hawkfang-ginger tabby she-cat with a large white tail and amber eyes. Roleplayed by Fawny

Apprentice, Tallpaw

Streamclaw-small gray-brown tom with large green eyes. Roleplayed by Ash.

Apprentice, Stormpaw

Cinderbreath-light brown chestnut colored tom with a long bushy tail and dark brown eyes. Roleplayed by Ash.

Apprentice, Softpaw

Darkclaw-Black tom with a V-shaped nick in his ear and amber eyes. Roleplayed by Zorth

Apprentice, Reedpaw

Swallowsong- A dark grey tabby she-cat with yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Clover


Eaglestorm- A dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes. Roleplayed by Clover

Apprentice, Swiftpaw


Whitetail- blue-grey she-cat with a white tail and blue eyes-Roleplayed by Echo

Status: Expecting and Nursing


Graypaw-a gray tabby tom with green eyes rpd by-Ashy

Mentor, Dapplepelt

Tallpaw- Black and white tom with blue eyes - Roleplayed by Echo

Mentor, Hawkfang

Sandpaw- A ginger she-cat with amber eyes Roleplayed by Frosty

Mentor, Quailpelt

Reedpaw-A White tabby tom with bright blue eyes, Roleplayed by Zorth.

Mentor, Darkclaw

Spottedpaw- A dark ginger she-cat with small black splotches on her pelt and hazy green eyes. Roleplayed by Clover

Mentor, Poppystar







Dead ThornClan Warriors: StarClanEdit

Rivereye-roleplayed by Ash

Dead ThornClan Warriors: Dark ForestEdit


Other StuffEdit

ThornClan Herb Guide (MCs only)

Places in the ThornClan CampEdit

ThornClan Camp

ThornClan Fresh-kill pile

ThornClan Medicine Cat's Den

ThornClan Leader's Den

ThornClan Warrior's Den

ThornClan Apprentice's Den

ThornClan Nursery

ThornClan Elder's Den

Apprentice Clearing

Places in the TerritoryEdit

The Tunnels

The Great Oak

Basking Rocks near Stream

Rocky Stream

Upper ThornClan Territory

The south forest

The Secret Hole

Poppystar's Cave