The NurseryEdit

This is where Queens sleep. When kits are born they live in the nursery until they are made apprentices.

Current Queens and Kits:Edit

Whitetail-mother of Streamclaw's kits



Darkclaw: Hi Whitetail.

Whitetail picks up her head. "Hi Darkclaw. What are you doing in here?"

Streamclaw Pads in.

"Wow I haven't had this many other cats in here since I gave birth!" Whitetail curled her tail around the sleeping kits.

Streamclaw nuzzles her.

"Whitetail? Are you in here?" Hawkfang called, "I've brought you some prey!"

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Hawkfang's ginger tabby head poked through the linchen.

Streamclaw walks out

Bluekit wakes up.

Softkit unsheathed her tiny claws and pawed at her mothers stomach when she moved

"Hi Hawkfang. Softkit, please stop!" She grabbed Softkit by the scruff and dropped her next to her brothers and sister.

Softkit squeaked in protest then sheathed her claws and fell asleep